Michael                                                              Chandra                                                              Gabe


Every project at Symbiotic is staffed with at least one of the core executives as well as a customized team made up of specialists needed for that particular project. These specialists are pulled from Symbiotic's network of tested and proven graphic artists, animation artists, photographers, camerapeople, audio and  lighting technicians, social media experts, market strategists, producers and associate producers, writers, editors, and post-production technicians.  


As a director, producer, editor, and cameraman, Gabe is widely respected for being able to surprise you with his vision while delighting you with his dedication to delivering exceptional work on time and under budget. Gabe has a film degree from San Jose State and is a graduate of the Directors Guild of America Training Program.


From his days as a producer and reporter working for NBC, CNBC, FOX, and ABC to his days in online advertising, his Emmy-Nominated work at one of the first web video producers, running the production company of a leading celebrity brand, then founding ground-breaking media technology companies, Michael has perfected the skills necessary to tell great stories on all the current platforms.  


After successfully building a boutique agency for clients such as Apple and Avid, and working at Avid serving clients such as the band The Black Eyed Peas, Chandra brings to Symbiotic deep skills in integrated marketing, branding, creative services, and event planning. Chandra's wide network of production and marketing specialists allows Symbiotic to rapidly build "strike teams" for client projects globally.